If you haven't watched the first 10 classes yet, that is a great
place to start.The first two lessons are crucial for understanding the course and how to start think differently

Lesson 50 is so encouraging; if you have the book ACIM check it out. You can get a copy at Chapters, on Amazon of from www.acim.com

I want this blog to contain interesting information, like:

Recipes, new technologies, new spirituality healing techniques, scientific facts about all kinds of topics, memorable movies or a page-turner book.

I invite members to submit your favourite recipes, your favourite all time book or a memorable movie to me for the blog. contact me at patkam36@gmail.com  

        Delicious Healthy  Meatless  Meatloaf (Very filling)

I sort of invented this out of my head, it is changeable for flavour but the main ingredients are usually always similar:

In a large bowl start with:

*1 can of black beans or mixed beans, rinsed and drained

*1 can of chick peas rinsed and drained.

Crush with fork if you wish..I usually leave them whole.

*3/4 cup of gluten-free flour with 1 tsp of backing soda

* add: a scoop of chia (sprouted ) scoop of flax (powdered)

*1 scoop of hemp (powdered)

for various flavours add turmeric or any herbs but especially 1 heaping tablespoon of

Maia's salted Herbs. (I wouldn't be without this ever, I use them in soups and other dishes, makes everything taste better.) (If you want to know where to get them email me.)

*3 or 4 eggs

 for variation I throw in a small can of celery soup undiluted, other soups you can try is mushroom, onion, tomato, or cheese soup. save some of the tomato or cheese for the top if you wish. I mix thoroughly and put  in an oiled loaf pan. Oven: 350 for 45 minutes. Stick a toothpick in it and see if it comes out dry, of not bake for another few minutes. 

To serve with cold or hot.. I like heating it in a fry pan turn till browned on both sides. I often sprinkle a bit of parmesan  cheese over some tomato sauce on top. It is so good..mmm

This little gadget is amazing! Cheap and easy to use. I have so much fun spiralizing my veggies. Zucchinis, sweet potatoes and even beets are my new noodles. There are amazing recipes for spiralized veggies on Pinterest. So much fun. I found this one on Amazon.  me. It's easy.

submitted by Val George


By member Anne Johnson

Anne went through what was diagnosed as

limes disease whereby not much worked for it, not even antibiotics or other drugs. After losing time at work and being unable to cope with everyday life she discovered the answer.

She found something non toxic for the problem disease was drops of stevia in a glass of water consumed several times a day.

the results were miraculous.


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