What is a Patter?

A Patter is a phrase used in hypnosis to make an impression on the subconscious mind to create positive change. 
Pat's Patters are Questions and Answers dialogue between me and Spirit, (my Higher Self.) I believe this Spirit is in all of us and is accessible to all equally.  The patters here are ones archived over a period of time and have have never been seen before.

My books, Loves Voice and Hello Awesome are samples of patters printed in 2012 1nd 2013


In quietness are all things answered and every problem is solved.

There are no answers in conflict and chaos.

These are words from ACIM.

You have probably heard that the Voice of God is a still small Voice. ACIM says that is because

there is no conflict in Him.

It behoves us as students of ACIM to be still and know that He/She/It is God. This calls for listening to guidance as it will not shout at us.

I often tell my students that we are guided, guarded and protected..there is a big but after this statement. The but is.... we need to listen to the guidance. We need to walk with God not run ahead. I have found out that I have been guided when I didn't even know it. I was protected from my own foolishness. However there comes a time when we are grown and mature enough on our walk with God to begin to listen and walk the path carefully, not carelessly.

Meditate, and listen, talk to the Inner, higher self. Get directions ask for signs. The answers are subtle and merely above a whisper..on the other hand the ego mind shouts and gets excited and frustrated; it is loud and overbearing. Knowing the difference can save us a lot of heartache. Take it from one who has travelled this path for many years.

Ask to have all doors closed tight when you are going in a way that is detrimental to your highest good and open the door to peace and joy widely 
To hear the Voice of 
Spirit  requires a quiet and open mind. 

  • A Course In Miracles 




What do you want?  Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you heard the voice of God ask you this question?


I Have. I have asked myself this question and I have heard the Voice of God ask me this question too.


What would your answer be? Can you answer this question with clarity and with the precision of a surgeon's knife.
These are not goals, not idle wishes. These are what your heart desires. These  wants are what thrills your soul.


What if you don't need to ask how it is going to happen, you don't need to wonder where what you desire is going to come from or how something is possible, it just will happen as you ask for? 

 You only want what you want for the highest good for all concerned and this gives what you want extra juice. 


Getting it will feel amazing. It will thrill your soul. Getting what you desire is lifting you to new highs of love and to new inspirations. Just the thought of getting your desires is thrilling you down to your toes and up to the top of your head. 


Spirit do you hear me?  Is it Your Will for me?


Yes this is indeed my desire for you..what do you want?

Ask and you shall receive. Ask and believe.

Ask and have no doubts, no wavering, ask decisively, ask with precision, ask and listen , only take action when you are told to. It will come effortlessly, intuitively and smoothly.

My way is easy and effortless. My way is miraculous. My way is inevitable, possible, and loving and the best for all people and situations.


What do you want? just ask. Write it down to get clarity and precision. 


I recently asked God for all that I want for the coming year and wrote them out carefully.

It is wonderful that I can allow myself to ask without wondering about the hows. I ask and leave it to the Power of God to manifest what I ask for without doubt of any kind.

I asked for everything from abundance, health, relationships, purpose, fun, I asked precisely and with clarity. It was a  wonderful exercise. I printed it out and put my wants into an envelope and dated it.

I was told to say a mantra over the envelope containing all my wants.

The mantra is.


Ask yourself how does this feel? 

For me it feels incredible, miraculously magical. it feel empowering, uplifting and freeing.

Knowing without any doubt, that I am a Child of God and can have anything I want is so wonderful.

I keep my envelope in front of me and daily say my mantra. It continues to magically lift me and inspire me.    

One word of warning, doubt kicks in when you ask 'how?'


Remember it is none of your business 'how'. 


Your business is to ask and My business is to do. The 'how to' is My business.


Is your wants for health, a situation, relationship, money, what is it you want?


God wants what you want. 

Ask ...that is all, just ask and to get clear, write it down and date it, seal it and then let God and the angels do their work.

Spirit, what is I don't know what I want? What if I can't know for sure what is best for me?

Ask yourself what is it that you don't want? This will give you a clue to knowing what it is you do want. Then leave it to me to work in your best interest, do not tie my hands with your insistence or what you think is best, that is left to Me. If what you don't want is to keep the same old hated job, then what you do want is a better job with better pay and benefits and one that brings you joy.

If what you don't want is living in an old drifty house in a noisy environment than what you do is want a warm home with all the attributes that will fit in with your life style and deepest desires that bring you joy and happiness.  Now you get the gist of how to ask for what you want.

Don't make this difficult, it is always easy and effortless.



So be it for you  and so it is.


Why does the term “God” turn so many people off?  I love controversy, it gives one  pause to think.


I discovered many years ago,  that I create my own life. 

However, before this awakening, I never even gave how I lived my life  a casual thought. In essence life lived me. Things happened and I thought I had little or nothing to do with it. I guess that is where the word 'accident' comes from. I now question, are there really accidents? 


I have come to know that everything is energy, most of us, who read this, probably get that. 


Most people believe in a Higher Power, and many think of this Power's location is way out there somewhere in the cosmos. 


We call the Power, God, The Universe, Force, Source, Spirit, Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, Rama, Father or whatever you want. I don't think God (Dog) cares what you name (Him,Her,It). Names do not matter, only to our little mind that need arises to have a referral name or title.  Even agnostics and atheists admit to believing something bigger than themselves is somewhere creating everything.


However, what if  a separate Being call it whatever you wish, isn't entirely true, What if we are all, each one of us, no matter where we live or what we believe, are not human beings, a rack of bones in a space suit of skin,  but energy pockets like bubbles, in a brew of bubbles all equal, all One energy 'God' Power and we are just now waking up to who we really are.


Yes we get that, Okay then, what if the only reason we are in conflict today, is resistance to what is already ours because we  don't get that Oneness includes all of us as Energies without separation of bodies with races, colour, belief systems, age, language etc. Just the inability of acceptance of all as One keeps wars going.


We make up a God outside of ourselves, we give this God a name and we personalize this God because being human that is all we understand. I do this myself because it feels good to have this certainty and  support system. Doubts happen when things go awry and we think God isn't listening or some other reason is given for failure to get what we want.


 What if “God' isn't really listening to us so much as being drawn or detracted by the energy or vibration we  each vibrate at. 


I know this sort of declassifies God to somewhat  of a impersonal Force, and it disturbs us to think there is no One listening to us and  responding to our pleas for help and guidance. How come it works for us sometimes and not other times? 


Is this why when we get thoughts of 'I'm not good enough,' that we attract chaos to match the inner thoughts, even having  so called, accidents happen and dark clouds seem to hang over us continually ,

It's tempting to say to one's self, I must be a horrible person, look what is happening to me. 


 I believe that until we think differently we attract what we align with, that is not what we intended.


I questioned happenings in life:

How come if God is a God of Love there is abuse of innocent children and people are starving and unhappy? How come? Could it be that God  responds only to a vibration, an energy ?


Is this why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Is that why the sick get sicker and the healthy thoughts  bring health? Is this why some feel neglected by God and others are so blessed? 


Energy is  a magnet,  positive  energy attracts, Negative energy detracts and energy is impersonal and always on auto pilot. 


 Energy is created by thoughts. This  explains so much to me. 

Sure, I can still personalize God if I wish, but the truth remains of what it in truth is, all is a vibration of love or fear. 


I still do personalize God as my dearest friend..I love that. It is the only thing my human heart can respond to. But having said that, my deeper understanding knows that God is Not a Man, is Not One who can be manipulated, but is a Force of Love that only responds to an energy, the vibration of love thoughts. 


When our responses to life is met with certainty, that Love energy is always with us and is a part of us, 

that thought alone, changes the vibration of attraction  of what will happen for us at any given moment.


Spirit please address these thoughts

I hear you, you are love personified you are created in my image perfect as I made you. I cannot create anything but perfection. it is your own thoughts about yourself that nullifies the truth of who you really are. I am the Whole and you are the part of the Whole, without you I A incomplete. I am the Ocean , You are the drop in the Ocean. What you are is what your neighboutr is, if you judge another you judge yourself. The golden rule is one of Oneness and love for all.

You have never ever needed saving, you need only to believe in who you really are, my innocent child, I who loves you unconditionally never judges you or condemns you. I am always with you,

I answer your call, you only need to ask and I am here in you to answer. 

Walk in love, for that is what you are, any argument you would have is the ego voice that would believe you could possibly be separate from Me, your Source

Flow, Allow, Trust this is where your peace lies. so be it!


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