A Bit of Writing From the Past

This comes from some writing I did on a later version of the website.


The Ego-Body Illusion (pg 65 text ACIM)

All things work together for good. There is no exceptions except in the ego's judgement. The ego exerts maximal vigilance about what it permits into awareness, and this is not the way a balanced mind holds together.

Any thought system that confuses God and the body must be insane, yet this confusion is essential to the ego, which judges only in terms of threat or non-threat to itself. (p66 tx/3 ACIM)

Our judgements of each other are based on a foundation of sand and of time-illusions. We judge bodies and not who we all really are. A body is the vessel of communication only. The choices we use while in a body makes the illusion of time appear real.

You can see the painting at the top (left of the page) which depicts a lemon mentaility versus the Universal Mind Of God.

The Lemon knows only limitations of time and space which do not exist except in the ego's mind of illusions.....more

I like to create scenarios that we can adapt into our everyday life.

If your mind believes it is a body it will see everyone else the same way. The question then is who are you?

Without this foundation of knowing who you are, there will be no miracles, no forgiveness, no going forward. You will become stuck in the mire of your own illusion of who and what you believe and think about yourself and your fellow human.

Jane Doe and John Doe are having a marital disagreement. Jane sees herself as being put down by John because she believes he is a controller and needs to call the shots on all issues. and she thinks he believes she is weak and needs guidance so she feels disrespected. Both have judgements of the other that are based on a belief and the belief is based on the ego mind of needing to be right and the false belief that they are bodies and not Spiritul beings. Both refuse to see the truth and both have an attitude that continually creates a vibration of hostility. They are at an impass but pretend in their daly life that everything is okay. However, there is an undercurrent of anger between them that isn't condusive to peace, love and harmony. Everyone in the house feels it. It has a name it is called FEAR. what is the answer? This scenerio could be between siblings , parents and children, or between co workers at the work place.

We as humans look at things as being good or bad, right or wrong. For some people there is no grey area. (they are the scary ones) This requires judgments. The monkey mind called the ego (E,asing G.od O.ut) is busy continually trying to figure things out. The people who judge others a lot are usually in other people's business, making sure they are on the right track. There's My business, Your business and God's business, Who's business are you in? John is in Jane's business keeping her in check, and Jane is in John's business seeing only his negative side. Both are not knowing who they really are.

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