Judgement discovered by Steve (Anastasia)

"Judgement ?

But where and how ? Why doesn't anyone know about it? You understand Vladimir , for a very long time we imagined judgement as some ominous being from on high with his terrifying army. This person would tell each in what ways each person was righteous and which ways he wasn't . Then he would determine a measure of punishment , sending those judged to heaven or hell.we imagined the Devine judgement do primitively.  But God is not primitive. He cannot judge in that way. He gave man eternal freedom , but any judgement is a tantamount to the violence against the individual and the deprivation of his freedom.

Then why did you say then that the Devine judgement is taking place at the present moment?

I repeat what I said . The Devine judgement is taking place at the present moment. But each person must judge himself . I understood what Anastasia created . Her philosophy strength and logic are accelerating processes . Imagine many believing in her idea of beautiful Devine settlements . Those who have believed will find themselves in a heavenly garden . Others will not believe and remain right where they are now "

My take on the above quote . If we choose to judge others for their downfalls then we ourselves are living in hell now.  If we don't pass judgement then the beautiful garden would be before us   


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